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Inheritage Magazine

Inheritage MagazineInheritage Magazine

is the official magazine of the Heritage Village Recreation Club. It was established by volunteers in 1988, as an expansion to newsletters distributed by the first Progam Director, Carol Harrison.

Melville Gordon Clark, retired printer and lithographer established the methodology with the September 1988 issue “volume1 #5”. This triggered a naming contest, won by Gladys Rogers with her entry "Inheritage Magazine" , earning a prize of $25.

First Editor was Arthur Nagels. The cover design dates from February, 1989 and is the artwork of Ken Sully, the current  Production Director.

Some 28 volunteers and club staff  provide the reporting, authorship, production and distribution, complemented by unsolicited contributions from other residents . It reaches the homes of all residents of Heritage Village monthly, something that neither HVTV nor a website can do. Some 72 local merchants and service providers advertise regularly, which covers the cost of production.

For advertizing enquiries, call: 905-562-4121  or fax to: 905-562-1915

or e-mail to: inheritage1988 @

To submit an unsolicited article, drop it off at the Heritage Club office or e-mail to one of the current production staff:

Editors & Production Directors: Julie Roddy or Derek Nagels 

Residents new to the Village should consider volunteering their talents to this vital community service. Mention you were inspired by this web page!


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