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Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors

 The incorporated Heritage Village Recreation Club (HVRC) has control and responsibility for the Clubhouse through a Board of Directors elected by the Membership at an Annual General Meeting.  The 19th Annual General Meeting was held Monday, June 8th, 2015 in Heritage Hall.  The Board consisted of 15 Directors since incorporation, but after 2010 bylaw changes dropped the number to 9, of which 5 are a meeting quorum. 



Graham Brown                 President                                                             

Julie Roddy               1st Vice-President                             

Derek Nagels                2nd Vice President                                 

Terry Carruthers               Treasurer                                                             

Joyce Brown                                     

Irene Chaisson                                          

Ken Lindey                             

Bruce Murry                                                

Doug Ransom                                                         



The Annual General Meeting (Great Hall, in June)

 Villager participation at these meetings is vital:  without a quorum of 30%, the meeting cannot take place.  Here is where Directors are elected, and bylaws are passed, that affect your fees, your access and your enjoyment of the clubhouse.  Each home in Heritage Village is entitled to one vote, in person or by proxy.  


You want to be a Director?

Anyone contemplating election for a Directorship, should educate themselves on the nature of the position. This is a legally regulated working group of volunteers, not just a social club.  Directors carry legal responsibilities defined by the Corporations Act and under tax law, that affect ownership of the Clubhouse, it's staff, and the legitimacy of not-for-profit activities.  For example, the Directors are liable for up to 6 months' salaries of clubhouse employees.  Fortunately, not-for-profit, non-charitable corporations are permitted to indemnify officers as well as directors for all costs incurred for legal proceeding related to the performance of their duties. 

Nominations for Directors, must be received by the Corporation at least 30 days prior to such an annual meeting.  Qualifications are: at least 18 years of age, not bankrupt and an owner resident of Heritage Village.  For more details, read the Bylaws posted in the Clubhouse Lounge. 

Updates and legal details affecting HVRC  are in Ontario's Corporations Act, available on-line at: 

Ontario website logoClick this logo to visit their website. Use browser back button to return. 

Industry Canada (Ottawa) has produced a useful training manual for Directors : 

Primer for Directors




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