Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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Clubhouse Members

Our residents, some 604,  come from all walks of life, from across Canada as well as across the street.  Some can remember the days when the  sales office was in a tent, and bulldozers ruled.  Others came here yesterday and are still learning directions. All residential owners become Members and receive the security access key. We consider the Clubhouse an extension of our homes, but there are some restrictions on children and guests.

This website  wants to address all members, whether they are active in the clubhouse year-round, or migrate to "away" when the snows fall.  We want to capture the collective wisdom of the past, and  document  current events.  We'll post  information about our pioneers as well as welcome tips for our newcomers.


Our Villagers can be roughly divided into 19th century pioneer offspring, 20th century post-war boat people and 21st Century suburban refugees.  Some Villagers defy such classification, such as the late Czech Baron born in a European castle, who changed careers and became a Beamsville peach farmer.

Mennonitechurch1  Our local aristocracy are the pioneer offspring with names that match the neighbourhood roads and gravestones:  Hipple, Culp, Martin, Moyer, etc.  Their ancestors cleared the bush after        travelling the Iroquois Indian Trail (now King Street).  

 Our boat people came on Liberty ships  from Europe to Halifax in the 50's; with careers scattered across Canada, then in retirement, rediscovered their cultural roots here.  The recent suburban  refugees fled the concrete jungle of Mississauga or Montreal  for this oasis of rural urbanism.  The smell of blossoms and fresh fruit  are a new discovery for them.  Each Resident has such history to tell, making our Village a mirror of Canada's multicultural roots.

The Village has come of age after it's 21th anniversary, and is now undergoing a changing of the guards.  As the baby boomers invade, they bring new  ideas that reflect our evolving society. This triggers some defensive sentiment of  "us, versus them newcomers", as it always has, since the inception of the Village.  But all are welcome, and as Canadians, we wave only one flag on July 1, working on the common goal to: "Live younger, longer".  



Volunteers play an extremely important role in the running of the Clubhouse , its activities and maintenance of the building.  Their contribution keeps fees low for us all.  We consider the Clubhouse an extension of our homes.  All the activities, with the exception of Aquafit and Aerobics, are organized and run by volunteers.  We encourage all new residents to get involved by volunteering. Just contact the HVRC Office Manager or any of the clubs or committees. 


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