Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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 Monday                  09:00 am              Aquafit

                                    09:00 am             Table Tennis

                                    10:00 am             Light ‘N’ Easy Aquafit

                                    11:00 am             Aquafit

                 *** Noon - 1:30 pm Pool and change rooms closed for cleaning

                                    07:00 pm            Euchre


Tuesday:                  09:00 am            Stretch ‘n’ Strength Aquafit

                                    09:00 am            Land Fitness (Interval Training with Weights)

                                    10:00 am            Land Fitness (Floor Work with Stretch)

                                    11:00 am            Land Fitness (Sit & Be Fit with Weights)

                                    11:00 am            Stretch ‘n’ Strength Aquafit

                 *** Noon - 2:00 pm Pool, change rooms and Hot tub closed for cleaning mouse

                                    06:45 pm           Bridge


Wednesday:            09:00 am           Aquafit

                                    09:00 am           Table Tennis

                                    10:00 am           Light ‘N’ Easy Aquafit

                                    11:00 am          Aquafit

                 *** Noon - 1:30 pm Pool and change rooms closed for cleaning


Thursday:                 09:00 am           Land Exercises (Step Class with Weights)

                                    09:00 am           Stretch ‘n’ Strength Aquafit

                                    10:00 am           Land Exercises (Sit & Be Fit with Weights)

                  *** Noon - 2:00 pm Pool and change  rooms closed for cleaning

                                    01:00 pm           Bridge

                                    07:15 pm           Line Dancing

                                    07:00 pm           Bridge

Friday:                       09:00 am          Aquafit

                                     09:00 am         Table Tennis

                                     10:00 am          Light ‘N’ Easy Aquafit

                                     11:00 am         Aquafit

                   *** Noon - 1:30 Pool and change rooms closed for cleaning

                                     02:00 pm         Ladies’ Billiards

                                     07:00 pm         Bid Euchre


Non-Resident Children’s Swim Times

                                      Mon-Fri 4 - 7 pm

                                     Sat-Sun and Statutory Holidays only 1- 6 pm


Saturday:             10:00AM             Coffee Mornings - 2nd + 4th Saturday/month piano

                                 4:00 PM             Happy Hour - 3rd Saturday/month

                                 7:00 PM             Court Whist - 1st Saturday/month

                                                             Bingo - 2nd Saturday/month (Seasonal)

                                 7:30 PM             Movie Night - 4th Saturday/month.(Seasonal)


Sunday:                 2:00 PM            Solo Club - 3rd Sunday/month


Breadcrumb Trail

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