Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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  fitness.heartFITNESS PROGRAMS

All classes are open to both men and women at any fitness level. Concerns about  intensity of  classes should be raised with theInstructor.  Check schedules in the Inheritage Magazine for times and days.



 waterballAQUA FITNESS

There are 3 pool classes of maximum 14, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 AM, 10 AM, and 11 AM.  Weekly sign-up sheetsare  on the bulletin board (outside of the ladies’ change room)  If you are unable to attend, please erase your name.  The workout includes, warm up, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strengthening, endurance and relaxation exercises.  If you are a non-swimmer, you can safely join:the pool is a constant 4 feet in depth. For additional pool information, please read the POOL RULES on this website




Wake up your body with gentle stretches designed to keep muscles and joints toned and flexible.  Excellent for everyone, especially those with arthritis or joint problems.  You will need a small mat for the floor work, and please wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing.




Bring light hand weights, or use a soup can . The focus of this workout is upper body muscle groups:   biceps and triceps to tone and strengthen joints and muscles.  These exercises will promote well-being, strength for better posture, for lifting and carrying groceries, and will help improve your golf and tennis games.



aerobic mouseAEROBIC FITNESS

Exercise your heart and lungs and have fun to music by progression.  Each class starts with a warm up, follow by a pre-cardiovascular and aerobic component of about 30 minutes.  A cool down will follow and the session will end with relaxing stretches.  Anyone can join these classes at any skill level.



circuit.runnerCIRCUIT TRAINING

This fast-paced, low impact workout was designed originally for weight loss, but give other benefits.  A mixture of cardiovascular exercise, weight training and core strengthening are  incorporated into this 35 minute workout.  It will improve blood pressure, posture, muscle tone, and over all health of the mind, body and soul.




This is an easy going, but intense class designed to strengthen core muscle groups (abdominal, low back and hips).  You will work at your own pace moving from one exercise to another.




Push your cardio limits up a notch.  This class will strengthen your lower body muscle groups and improve balance, stability, and your ability to walk up and down stairs.




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