Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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history clock   Roots II:  VILLAGE  HISTORY

Heritage Village :  the  Bicentennial Project

~1985: Frederick and his wife Diana, launch Bicentennial project honouring 200 years of Mennonite settlement by development of an 18th Century style Pennsylvania German village. " Heritage Village" gets cool reception from Town Council and local residents.

~1986: Frederick Short transfers project to Developer Werner Heinrichs and his brother, architect Victor J. Heinrichs (Toronto).  Conceptial designs to replicate 18th Century Pennsylvania German settlement. Frederick and Diana Short and 4 sons  leave their names behind (Frederick Ave., Diana Park, John, Charles, Kerry, Robert).

August 1986:  Sales tent set up by land (now Rittenhouse Library).  Wilma & Ken Beacham buy first  townhouse  unit on Frederick Avenue . 

January 19, 1987:  Open-House at Prudhommes, 700 guests, to announce concept of Heritage Village.  Bob Short handles sales and promotion. Bulldozers start moving dirt.   Phase I of three, budgets $20 million for 200 homes: 12 single detached, 45 garden courts, 125 apartments and a 65 room respite care/retirement home.  Bob Short handling sales and promotion, calls it a "community unto itself".  Ron Petite is site manager.

Heritage VillageNovember 4, 1987:    Grand Openingconstruction Five houses were completed on Frederick Avenue.   Wilma gives tours. Ruby and Nat Childs rent next door and buy future unit in Pear Tree.

1988: Moyer House registered to Heritage Village Vineland Ltd.   Sales office moves to condo townhouse at 3433 Frederick Ave.  Staffed by  three R's:  Rosemary, Rhea and Rosie.  Local Vinelanders are not happy: too many Torontonians are moving in.  It's "us versus them".

1988Club House phase I opens. Arthur Nagels is founder: Heritage Village Residents’ Association. Morgan Franklin becomes first Treasurer.  Eleanor Jones becomes first librarian when there wasn’t yet one built. Earl Ganong, a Huguenot descendant, is the Village’s first genealogist. Melville Gordon Clark, retired printer and lithographer establishes the Inheritage Magazine with  September issue “volume1 #5” in recognition of Program Director Carol Harrison’s previous newsletters. Gladys Rogers wins naming contest  for Inheritage Magazine after first issue, and takes home $25. First Editor was Arthur Nagels.

 1989Pool is completed and takes in water. Ken Sully designs Inheritage Magazine cover for February.

1990: Geoff & Jean Watson founded the Square Dance Club. Herbert Hans Huth joins Mrs. McKeever in Vineland for The Owl Foundation.  

 1991: Don Wain, 4th generation gardener, starts Garden Club.  Lloyd Throop is his loyal volunteer, maintaining Diana Park and Club House flower beds.  Irene Grant, tap dancer since age 12 starts the Tap Dancer’s Club.  Lenard Stuart Callander as Director of the Heritage Village Resident’s Association, writes the first Constitution and Terms of Reference.  First Table Tennis Championship is won by Count Charles Nadherny von Borutin.  His wife, the Countess Monica Bubna-Litic wins “best garden” by acclamation.  

1992: The nobleman Charles Nadherny von Borutin, from the House of Nadherny, resident of Heritage Village, turns down the offer from the Czech Republic for the return of his family castle in Moravec.  The family’s three castles were confiscated in 1949 when Charles fled to Beamsville to become a peach farmer. 

 1993: Bob Bradshaw gets Horizons for Seniors Grant to fund HVTV.   

Heritage Village 1994

1994: Moyer brick house is demolished (photo, behind Heritage Square). See also painting in our lounge by Norman Hossel, (1996).

The World as we know it ends.  Virtual world of WWW begins.

1995: Concept of two clubs (Heritage & Garden) cancelled in favour of addition. John Hawley, site manager,  arranges for ownership transfer of the Heritage Club from Heritage Village Vineland, Ltd. to an new not-for-profit corporation. 

 1996:  Heritage Square opens for business, September.  Lincoln Public Library opens the Moses F. Rittenhouse Library at our doorstep.  First Board of Directors elected for new Heritage Village Recreation Club, Inc. 

1997:  Expansion of Club House starts.

 October 13,1999:  Auditorium "Great Hall" addition opened. 

 1999: The Orchards opens.  Jack Sarney wins $50 naming contest for "Heritage Hall ". Some other  entries: Old Crows' Nest, The beehive, Heritorium.

2002:  Last house on Heritage Lane is completed.  National advertising stops.  Heritage Village falls off the map.

2006.  Café in Heritage Square closes.  Re-sales are increasing as Village pioneers move on.

2007: June 12: Allegro takes over The Orchards.  November: First trials with community wifi technology in Kerry Court.   Dec. 2007, plan for a Website cited in Inheritage magazine.

 2008:  Street lights added on Victoria Avenue.  Resales are primarily to locals.  Villagers are unhappy.  Too many locals are shunning the clubhouse. It's "us versus them" again.street lights

 2009: Lincoln Construction plans new townhouses for empty lot by Frederick Ave. and John Charles Blvd., to be called: Harvest Court.   Community wifi tirals are expanded along Frederick Ave. (south). Usage by >100 computers.

 2010:  Community website  is under construction.  The Niagara community prepares for re-enactment of the War of 1812.  Canadian dollar is at par.


For further reading:

 Click here for the history before 1986: Village Roots

Foster Vernon (2002)  Story of Heritage Village, in Then & Now, Inheritage Magazine, Part I, Oct., Part.II, November.

Archival material in the William F. Rannie History Room.   50 years of writings of William F. Rannie (1915-1995) editor of The Beamsville Express, The Vineland-Jordan Post and the merged The Post Express, on microfim,  Moses F. Rittenhouse Library .




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