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The Niagara Peninsula is a paradise for Birdwatchers.  Some 482 bird species have been recorded in Ontario, and for many, the Niagara corridor between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario is a natural migration route. 

hawksThere are some 23 species of diural raptors (vultures, ospreys, hawks, falcons, kites, eagles, etc.) that take advantage of the updrafts along the  Niagara Escarpment  during Spring and Fall.  Fall migration begins about mid-August, ending about December.  Large numbers of hawks cross our path about mid September and are best viewed during cold fronts with north winds, as they glide on thermals. Serious hawkwatchers use marine weather forecasts of wind speed and direction to catch their sightings. 

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, located on the top of the Escarpment overlooking Grimsby has a special watch tower.  You can join  the Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch or gather annually for the Open House, held on Good Friday every year for the general public. Spring Hawk watching starts on March 1 until mid-May with best times being 10AM to 3PM.

seagullsFor seagull watchers, the Niagara River is the world's largest and most diverse concentration. Migratory flocks estimated to reach 100,000 pass through from the Arctic about mid-November, on their way to Florida.  Our Village snowbirds are not far behind.  The gulls stop for a feast at the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station where  turbines chop up the fish into bite size pieces delivered back to the river.  Out of 43 gull species world-wide, we can see 19 in Niagara.

Duck watchers have the Niagara River Parkway near Old Fort Erie to discover  wintering ducks, geese and swans.  Goose poop is a favourite snack for the dogs in our parks. robin

If chasing birds is too much exercise, the Niagara area offers a lazier way to watch birds.  Bird Kingdom , the  world's largest indoor, free flying aviary is located on River Road, Niagara Falls. Watch out for the pythons and lizzards that share these premises.

For sedentary folks, visit the Featherstone Estate Winery on Victoria Avenue, opposite Balls Falls.  There you can watch Amadeus, the Harris Hawk control the bird population over the vineyards.  Otherwise, just set up birdhouses and feeders outside your own window, and let the birds come to you.



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