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Some two dozen players meet regularly, Wednesday evening at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse games room. Bring a loonie and your own drinks.  In December,  skills are displayed at the annual Darts & Pizza challenge for the Ka-Plunk Trophy (also know as the fur-lined P-pot).


Basic Rules for Darts: 

  •  Each player gets 3 darts per turn.  These are removed before the next player.
  •  The classic dart game of '01 starts with all players receiving score points such as 301, 501 or 1001 and the first player to reduce his score to zero wins. Players take turns throwing three darts each and subtract all points scored from their own beginning score.  Darts that bounce off or miss the board do not score and cannot be re-thrown that turn.
  • To win, you must reach exactly zero, by throwing a Double via the numbers in the outside narrow scoring band or the bullseye (double of the outer 25-point bull). If you have an odd number left first reduce the score to an even number, before throwing at a double.
  • The short game of 301 differs by requiring you to  start your score with a double. 

P-potdart score

 Want to be a better Player? 

 Darts should be sized to the person’s hand.  Get your own. The “house darts” usually have Brass or Nickel/Tin alloy dart barrels.  They are cheap but may be worn.  Experts use Tungsten darts for their greater density, less wear and because narrower shanks allow for tighter clusters.  They are priced by tungsten content - the higher, the better.  Shafts are commonly made of plastic or more durable aluminium.  Dart flights (fins) are of polyester or aluminium.  Beware of loose or damaged plastic.

To Throw:  Don’t lean over the line  – it makes you unstable and causes fatigue pain. Stand straight, feet firmly planted, upper arm parallel to ground.  Hold dart level – keep level during stroke. Use smooth even stroke and follow-through, using only fingers, wrist and forearm. Don’t toss like a ball – don’t spin. Use smooth parallel placement and quick hand release as fingers point to target. 



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