Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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  The brass horse that guards our Village main entrance is honoured on our home page header, but mirrored with the mythical Pegasus and local Concord grapes.  



 For 22 years, a horse has adorned signage, roof cupolas and literature of Heritage Village. Some say it is a rocking horse, some say it gallops on a meadow. Our projects for the Web Site and Community Wifi want the old horse to take flight like Pegasus, into cyberspace, to lift our spirits. Pegasus is the flying horse from Greek mythology, symbolic of knowledge and inspiration.  According to legend, the birth of both wine and art occured when Pegasus' hooves unleashed the sacred Spring of the Muses. Today he can be seen in the sky, as the star constellation Pegasus, and is still the symbol for immortality of the soul. 

For Heritage Village residents, who feel that a rocking horse is more appropriate for a retirement community, our new logo is also a "rocking horse-fly". Alice met such a mythical creature when she went Through the Looking-Glass. We want to inspire more retirees to seek the Looking-Glass of their computers, and see the new world of the Internet.  Live younger, longer, with technology.





   Modified from  my December 1, 2007  Blog:  



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