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Our Health Care Part1

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 If you are a senior villager 65+, welcome to Canada's growth industry: web-based health care for seniors. We have compiled the best links for you to browse.


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In an emergency call 911 

This website is for information only and may not be current.  

Senior Friendly  

 We are the fastest growing health demographics with a 40% increase this decade. Our health care is where the action is. Ontario's hospitals allocate more than 50% of their inpatient beds to seniors but we are only 17% of the population. Hospitals are declaring themselves "elder friendly", and  senior satisfaction surveys are in vogue.  There's no end to the acronyms coined to help us: SFH (Senior Friendly Hospital); NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders),  ACE (Acute Care for Elderly), HELP (Hospital Elder Life Program), GAIN (Geriatric Assessment and Intervention Network), etc.

Too bad much of the activity is on-line, with senior focused website services, sprouting like button mushrooms in the dark. Can seniors access and participate if they don't have Internet or know that the sites exist?  If they can find the sites, the new acronyms plus overlapping jurisdictions and goals, will surely confuse and drive them away. Here's our effort to enlighten our retirees on the mushroom farm of seniors' health care, and the government on-line services.  Just click on images and under-lined names. Please report to us any broken links or missing sites. For PDF documents, you'll need a PDF reader (Adobe is free).


Funding Agencies

Our location in Vineland puts us at the border of competing health jurisdictions - you can decide to go east to St. Catharines, or west towards Hamilton.  Our residents access health services largely paid by provincial OHIP , provided by a multitude of organizations, coordinated by the non-profit Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network (HNHB LHIN) based in Grimsby.  HNHB LHIN is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care,  funded through our taxes.  


 Many Family Doctors are now being clustered in "Family Health" teams with nurses, dieticians and other care workers .  Doctors trained in emergency treatment are found in Hospital Emergency Rooms (ER) or in Urgent Care clinics (UC) for same day service. For minor ailments, or prescription refills, your option includes private Walk-in Clinics which may be staffed by nurses and physician assistants, or doctor-trainees.  Learn about the new  system by calling 1-866-330-6206 or visiting:

Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN niagararegion


 Find  a Doctor:

The nearest medical clinic is "Doctor's Office" at 3435 Kings Street, Vineland, a block west of  Victoria St. intersection. Run  by Dr. Todd Overholt, who is qualified in emergency and family medicine, this is a hybrid "Urgent Care", Family Physician and "Walk-in" clinic, but with restricted hours.  There's a waiting list to join his family practice. Don't confuse him with MCI Medical Clinics Inc. which operate "The Doctor's Office" elsewhere in Ontario.

There are some 16 medical doctors in Beamsville, and over 200 in St. Catharines. Most are not taking new patients unless they are in a walk-in clinic or family health team.  On-line seaches are available on the following private or government websites, but  information may not be current: 

Health Care Connect




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 Find  a Clinic:

 For non-life threatening medical treatment the same day, you must triage yourself,or call a nurse at Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-000; TTY: 1-866-797--0007). Judge the severity and go to either an Urgent Care Clinic (serious) or Walk-in (minor issues). They can be found sprouting up in shopping malls, some using transient doctors, physician assistants or nurse practitioners.  The number of such clinics and their services are ever changing, and website compilations are generally incomplete. We list only the nearby sites. 

Urgent Care:

The nearest  to Heritage Village,  is the  Urgent Care Clinic on 155 Ontario Street, St. Catharines, open 8AM to 10PM . After 10PM, the ER at West Lincoln Memorial is your best bet, but you face a 5 hour wait as a walk-in before you see as triage nurse.  We recommend you go by ambulance.  Use Walk-in Clinics if open - for their shorter wait times, if you don't need an ER doctor.  

 Note that  Dr. Todd Overholt (Doctor's Office, 3435 King Street) is not operating an Urgent Care, in spite of his sign.  He is accepting no new patients in his family practice.





Urgent Care NHS


155 Ontario St.

St. Catharines


532 Lake St.
St. Catharines
589 S. Pelham Rd.

Urgent Care Niagara


800 Niagara St. N



 Walk-in Clinics:

For minor medical needs,  private clinics are open only regular office hours with some offering registration for Family Health. The distinction between "Urgent" and "Walk-in" is not sharp with some "Urgent" also serving minor issues through nurses.


 Doctor's Office

(limited hours)

3435 King St.

Only for his patients.

Minor Emergency  180 Vine St.t S
St. Catharines


 209 Glenridge Ave.

St. Catharines


Pelham Walk-in

(We recommend !)

with lab next door

245 Pelham Rd
St. Catharines



 Travel Clinics:

For travel  innoculations, you'll need to find a Travel Health Niagara Clinic run by Niagara Region Public Health, and their  Board of Health. Book appointments 4 - 6 weeks before your departure date, because some vaccines require more than one dose.  OHIP doesn't cover this. Clinic fees at Niagara site runs: $35/person and vaccinations $40 to $180 per dose.

Speed up the process by submitting a Travel Questionnaire on-line.

Travel Health Niagara

Book by e-mail.

2201 St. David's Road
Thorold, ON

Travel Health MD

532 Lake St., #101

St. Catharines



To learn what vaccines you need for which destination, visit these sites:


To make up your Travel Medical Kit, get advice from PHAC

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