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Our Health Care Part 2.

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 Part 2 of our Health Care series covers Hospitals, Ambulance, Public Health and Government information for our region.


Health Care Index (Part 2)

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In an emergency call 911 

This website is for information only and may not be current.  

 Find a Hospital: 

Within the HNHB LHIN jurisdiction is the  NHS (Niagara Health System). It is not a "health system" but rather an amalgamation since 2000 of 7 hospitals, located in the east half of Niagara Peninsula.  It coordinates only these hospital services. Recent changes to their rural hospital services by closure of some rural ERs in favour of Urgent Care Clinics has lead to poor reputation.  Emergency department over-crowding hit crisis levels in 2005 when the Hotel Dieu Hospital ER changed to Urgent Care - leaving the old St. Catharines General Hospital with serious ambulance offload delays  and  patients with no beds.  This problem has festered, as shown by the November 2011 report of McMaster University professor Terry Flynn's survey "Trust and Reputation".  Their glossy brochure mapping Niagara Penninsula west of St. Catharines to Hamilton with no Urgent Care or Emergency services (not true) doesn't help the newcomer. Read about improvements at:

 NHS operates the overcrowded St. Catharines General Hospital (142 Queenston St.) and the very busy Urgent Care Clinic on 155 Ontario Street, (St. Catharines).  Other hospitals in their region are the Greater Niagara General (Niagara Falls), Welland Hospital, Douglas Memorial Hospital (Fort Erie), Port Colborne General, Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre (St. Catharines) dedicated to complex care.

Their star project is a new hospital facility scheduled for 2013, at 4th Avenue and 1st Street Louth, on our side of St. Catharines.  This will be home to new services for the Niagara Region, such as a cancer care centre, dialysis and cardiac catheterization. The "Town" of Lincoln, including Vineland, is within their market reach.  Until then it's best to head west towards Grimsby and Hamilton for senior friendly care. 

New Hospital at 4th Ave. and 1st St. Louth



 West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, in Grimsby (167 Main Street E.), our closest hospital ER, is not on the NHS map.   They were the Canadian model rural hospital when founded in 1945 and are considered "senior friendly". They collaborate with Joseph Brant Memorial (Brampton) and McMaster University's Faculty of Health Science (Hamilton) for physician services and training .  WLMH also plans a new hospital, for a $136 million price tag, with construction to start in 2013, just as the 4th Avenue site of NHS takes on patients.  Healthy competition should be good for our health.

Check wait times for hospital ERs and procedures at:


West Lincoln Memorial HospitalSenior Friendly Hospitals





Niagara Region is responsible for ambulances and the paramedics of Niagara Emergency Medical Services (NEMS).  Of the 17 ambulance bases in Niagara Region, one is here, by the Vineland Fire Station. Some 30 vehicles and a staff of 230 parametics are on call 24/7. For other sites, click the photo to get the map. There were 77,460 emergency responses in 2010 for the Niagara Region.  Call 911 for any hint of stroke, cardiac problems or serious burns and falls.

EMS Ambulance

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Public Health


Niagara Region Public Health is part of the municipality of Niagara Region, which covers 1,852 km2 serving 427,421 people in 12 towns. The regional government is located at Cambell East Building, 2201 St. David's Rd., Thorold (phone: 905-984-2621).  Public Health uses Facebook and Twitter for outreach - which is  likely not followed by many seniors.

Niagara Region Public Health  runs a  local Health Bus for  innoculations and anti-smoking campaigns. Some 2,893 clients were served in 2010

Prevention of food poisoning and spread of infectious diseases are also their responsibility.  Call their Health Connect Line at 905-688-8248 to report problems. 

Ontario finances an annual Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP).  It is a marketing bonanza for drug companies and claims to save 200,000 doctor visits. Notable is the lack of participation by half the health care workers who deal with seniors, either in the clinics or in nursing homes.

 Ontario Flu Program



Find Nursing Homes 

Most Community health services in the Niagara Peninsula are posted by the NHB LHIN on their website, but our neighbourhood assisted living facility, The Orchards, is not listed.  The closest Long-Term Care facilities to Heritage Village are Albright Manor (Beamsville) and the United Mennonite Home (23 St., Vineland).  Also popular is Heidehof in St. Catharines.

Booking a space in a nursing home and getting a subsidized rate is done through CCAC (Community Care Access Centre). 

Other Ontario funding programs for seniors' care in their home, community or residential, such as recycled wheelchairs, are on-line via the MInistry of Health and Long Term Care.CCAC


Recycled wheelchairs




 Government Health Info Sites  



  One-stop shopping for Federal programs for seniors is Seniors Canada.

The national watch dog for health guidelines , standards, electronic data formats, drug regulations etc. is Health Canada (HC). Public health safety is handled by PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada). Veterans can get benefits via VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada). The link between Federal and Provincial health ministries is via the Federal Healthcare Partnership (FHP-PTSS).




Ontario's one-stop shops are the ServiceOntario offices that provide OHIP health cards and information at:

St. Catharines (West), 350 Scott St., Unit 110 (phone: 905-641-4427)

St. Catharines, 301 Paul Street, (Phone: 1-800-267-8097

Grimsby, 41 Main Street W., (phone:

Establishing a province wide system of our health records on-line, has been tasked to e-Health Ontario. More locally, the HNHB LHIN (Grimsby, 905-945-4930) has established an on-line database specific for Niagara elder seniors making information available from GAIN (Geriatric Access & Integration Network) and the Dementia Network.  If you need a joint replacement, you have on-line access to

Want to know what is fair price for drugs ?  Go to:

The Federal and Provincial governments maintain a "Seniors Council"  and "Seniors' Secretariat" respectively and both levels of government publish Guides for Seniors, available on-line.  Ontario runs a Senior's INFOline phone service (1-888-910-1999) , as well as a "Telehealth" service for access to registered nurses.  You can down-load Ontario health forms from a public forms website for such services as assistive devices or community care.


Seniors' Guides:  

 Ontario LHIN Sept.2011  Senior Friendly Hospital Care

A Guide for Seniors in Ontario

 Tracking Heart Disease & Strokes


Guide for SeniorsHeart Disease & Stroke


Seniors Guide Ontario


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