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Our 1st Sponsor: Geofuel

Geofuel Research Inc. was our first sponsor, having financed the website name, build and hosting since fall of 2007.  The website build was an R&D project with the goal of designing a senior-friendly, state-of-the-art community portal for an adult lifetyle community. Some features were bleeding edge technology in beta stages in 2008.

The company,  founded in 1985 provided consulting services to more than 150 Canadian companies and international clients, that engaged in product development or geoscience.  It has had a website presence on the Internet since 1994, when the World Wide Web first evolved.  Now, in 2015, there are close to one billion active websites, world-wide.

Until 1996, the company operated an electronic bulletin-board system (BBS), the first in Canada dedicated to geoscience professionals and rock & mineral hobbyists. Geofuel BBS was a precurser to Internet browsing, and the only Canadian node on a private BBS network "Geonet"  that spanned North America, offering public access to free geoscience information and forums. This BBS technology became obsolete as websites grew.  Company founder, Dieter Birk, developed an addiction to new technology toys, having visited more than 1200 industrial R&D facilities in his career.  This addiction also drove this website build through its stages, fueled by a desire to contribute new ideas, to a nationally acclaimed but aging retirement community.


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