Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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 Get registered and help us add useful content. We are a Village, 600+ strong, with collective talent and opinions that matter. This website is intended for interactive participation of all Villagers, using public Forums, Blogs, Articles, Photo galleries, Public Polls, Bulletins, etc

Open BookTo become an  author, you need to be a resident or invited guest author.  On our home page, you register by first answering an easy question (to confirm you are human!). Then set a user name and password.  The system will send you a confirmation e-mail. Click to verify your e-mail address.  Ask us for security clearance to "Author" level.  Then you can just log-in to the website and upload your work as article, blog or forum comment.   

  • Article is a full page or longer document providing informative and factual information, or a publishable work of  fiction, showing author's name.
  • Blog is a personal opinion column on a listed or new topic of interest to retirees and villagers, showing author's name.
  • Forum or blog comment is a short opinion piece using the on-line username with or without idetifying the author. 


Articles are sent by e-mail  or submitted on-line via the User Menu "Submit Article" (Home page). Training will be provided in the future.  For the fearless, try using the WYSIWUG editor window. Type in your text and add photos (max 400 pixels wide)  via the upload button (at base). For larger documents, your session may time out or lose connection.  It is then safer to "cut-and-paste"from a pre-typed document.  

Editorial Policies:

1. All submissions should be from residents of Heritage Village, or people associated with Village activities and services.  If not via on-line as a registered author, the submission should include name, phone number and e-mail address.

2. Articles can be of any size, but website display may be in sections.  Photos and images should be in one of  the following formats: *.GIAbtique CameraF, *.JPEG, *.PNG less than 500k and not wider than 400 pixels.  If you cannot size it,  send by e-mail and we will size appropriately for screen display.

3. We reserve the right to accept, edit or reject submissions based on source, topic, quality or space. Articles are screened before they go live, at our discretion.  Unless identified as "For Villager Eyes Only", all material will be assumed to be for public web pages.

4. Blog and Forum discussions are monitored. Blogs and articles may get edited or rejected.  We may add appropriate photos and icons to enhance appearance.

5. Our Website Publishers will edit and post from computer files (MS World, ASCII text, Open Office, etc.), but will not type material  from paper copy. 

6. We reserve the right to place up to three commercial advertisements on any webpage, blog, or article at our discretion.  Revenue from ads is the property of this website.

7. We publish original work submitted by the author holding copyright.  We will re-print if not previously posted on-line. Re-prints are best submitted as PDF documents identifying the original source.

8. Public pages of this website are available to the entire on-line world.  We do not take responsibility for protecting your copyrights.

9.  Our staff are volunteers.  A submitted article may appear within 24 hours of submission, or may take awhile.  We can also schedule for automatic future publication.

  bookFuture Plans: Participation!  We need Village Authors, Bloggers, Editors, Publishers, Website Section Managers, Administrators, Graphic Artists, with mature tastes.  Only volunteers 55+ are "hired" - this is an adults' only project, so we can dazzle the grandkids.


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