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water.boatPool Rules & Regulations

Last revised 2009

These rules and regulations are for the health, safety and convenience of all pool users and reflect requirements of   Niagara Health  and  HVRC Board of Directors.


mouse.poolPOOL HOURS 

Adults:  8 AM to 9:30 PM everyday except when clubhouse is closed.

Available to adult members of HVRC and their adult guests except during scheduled exercise classes.  Nobody should be in the pool area or change rooms after 9:30 PM.

 Children are restricted to the following hours:

4 PM to 7 PM Monday to Friday

1 to 6 PM on Saturday, Sunday & statutory holidays. 


Usage Rules

A Member may bring up to three guests, children or adults, and must accompany their guests at all times.

 All children under 18 years of age must be closely supervised in the pool, change rooms and clubhouse by a Member.

 Everyone using the swimming pool must sign in(print)  before entering the change rooms. A member is responsible for signing in  guests. 

Water toys, including balls, flutter boards, life vests and noodles are prohibited .The only exception is the use of clean kiddies water wings.

Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the pool area. 

Running, jumping, diving and boisterous play are prohibited in the pool, on the deck and in the change rooms.

 Shoes must be removed before entering the change rooms and pool area. 

 Outside shoes are to be left at the entrance, not in the change area. Outerwear is best left in the cloakroom.  Bathing shoes are recommended.

 Chairs from outside are not to be brought into the pool area and vice versa.


hygiene rulesHygiene Rules

 Nobody with a communicable disease or open sores shall enter pool or hot tub.

 No person shall pollute the pool water, hot tub, sauna or change room areas.

 Everyone must shower with soap before entering to pool or hot tub.  Showers must be taken after using the sauna prior to entering the pool or hot tub and also after use of the toilet.  Everyone must bring their own soap. 

Babies in diapers, children who are not toilet trained and adults who require diapers (Depends) must not use the pool or hot tub.


sharkSafety & Security Rules

The HVRC strong recommends that you do not swim alone. As the pool is unsupervised, you swim at your own risk.

The HVRC pool is not grounded so bathing during thunderstorms is not  safe.

 Please check with your doctor before using the hot tub and sauna.

The outside door is for emergency use only.

The telephone is to be used for emergencies only.

 The HVRC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

An adult member may only supervise up to 3 children in the pool at a time. If you bring 4 children, then two members must be present and remain with them until they leave the pool facility.

No one under the age of 16 is permitted to use the hot tub.

Number of bathers in the pool area is not to exceed 15 persons.

Failure to follow the above rules may result in lost privileges.


  Pool Committee 

Village volunteers monitor daily the accuracy of the automatic chemical feeder, for the pool and hot tub.  Contact a Director responsible for the pool if you spot problems,  would like to be involved. Otherwise, contact the HVRC Office. 


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