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The Internet spans the whole World, and a website can be located on a computer server anywhere.  We are pleased to have found a reliable and cost effectibe hosting service in Canada: located in Westbank, British Columbia. 

 Founded by Gerry Bakker, this family business has a team of dedicted IT professionals that can boast a remarkable service record. They are real people, not robots, as shown by this Christmas photo of 2009.  Some day, we may have enough Village computer gurus to run our own servers, but for now, we're happy for the support.


 For our Villagers who want to take on the task of run this website on a local server, here’s the technical challenge (Good Luck!). 101SiteHosting  has: 

  • Live online help for 16 hours a day  
  • Technical staff at the data center 24 hours a day to manage maintenance of computer components and network routers and firewalls.
  • Data center connected to the internet via redundant, full-duplex fiber-optic connections to multiple backbone providers.
  • Backed by redundant BGP4 routers; VLAN distribution switches; Uninterruptible power systems; Diesel generators to keep the servers active through power outages.
  • Servers are powered by Linux machines, custom built for speed and stability.
  • Secured by a data vault which includes: a) redundant HVAC temperature control systems b) smoke and moisture alarms c) advanced fire suppression systems d) two-stage secure entry e) steel mesh enforced walls and steel entrance doors g) motion sensors and security cameras.


Why is our Website in B.C.? 

 A reliable 24/7 up time for a website is hampered in Niagara by our frequent power failures.  Our host is situated in a more secure place, if you don't count extinct volcanoes, and the ocassional forest fire.




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