Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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Heritage Village circa 1996

Here's how the promotion looked for Heritage Village when it was recognized as Canada's Premiere Adult-Lifestyle Community.  Today, it barely gets a mention in publications on retirement living in Niagara.  Without the media hype of new developments, we are Niagara's best kept retiree's secret.


1996 advertisement, Heritage Village

Don't try to phone these numbers, the sales office is closed - you'll have to view our virtual office listings under our Market menu.

This artist`s rendition also dates from the marketing heydays , circa 1996, when we set the standards that current developers are still struggling to match. The colours are fanciful. The layout is "New Urban" or  traditional town planning (depending on your age) being people friendly, with easy walking access in all directions.  Traffic signs say 50km but we can't walk that fast - so slow down.  

 The arrow shows direction North, towards QEW and  Lake Ontario.  We are in the heart of Vineland and wine country. Microsoft's Bing Map places the precise location of Vineland as the entrance to the library parking on John Charles Boulevard.  Google Maps thinks it is at Kings Street and Victoria Avenue.  You be the judge .

Our townhouse residents are divided by geography into (North to South)  the "Nuts", the "Fruits", and the " Trees" , surrounded by the Bungaloids. "The Manors" (in blue) are a hoity-toity cluster on the south-east corner (top right), with their private pool.  They were the first buildings, thus the "pioneers" of the Village, guarding the colony,  protected by a brick wall from all who enter the Village.  Modelled after British officer's quarters, they are custodians of the Heritage Village brass sign and galloping horse.

 The beating heart of our Village is the Club House (aerial view below), mapped in red, where the action is. Elegantly decorated, it boasts facilities from  A (aquafit) to Z (zany), second to none among Canadian adult lifestyle communities.  For those who can no longer keep up, The Orchards (adjoining, commercial) provides assisted living, and a secret passageway to the Great Hall.


Bird's view: Club House & Orchards; Townhouse Condos;  The Manors

Across from the Clubhouse are The Vineyards apartments.  In Colonial days, these would have been the barracks of the foot soldiers - it is true that many of our volunteers, that soldier on for the Village , reside there.  It is not true that the Vineyards folk are the source of all gossip, there are other grapevines.

The dark green building (top of map), houses The Arbours apartments.  Those folks have proximity to the Lincoln Rittenhouse Library (yellow oval) so no excuse for overdue books.

Some Village names may confuse you: Diana Park was not named after the Princess, nor was Frederick named after the Great, although we do have several Courts.  The original North Meadows Lane is now know by the alias:  Heritage Lane.  Being a late addition, they didn`t want to be put out to pasture too soon.  

Heritage Square, our business mall, is actually a rectangle.  The purple building at Frederick Ave. (north) never happened.  It will be the site of new townhouses, and hopefully, a welcome influx of new talent.




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