Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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newspaperStay informed with World News for adults 55+. Except for our neighbourhood news, these are daily news feeds from websites around the world.   If you have better selections, let us know.


  • Our Neighbourhood News   ( 2 Articles ) News abour our village neighbours: newcomers, friends moving on,  congratulations and condolences .  Local reporter needed.



  • Niagara News Feeds   ( 0 Articles )

    local news butterflyWhat's happening within driving distance of our Village?  Local reporter needed.



  • SnowBird News Feeds   ( 0 Articles )

    snowbird.newsWhat is affecting Snowbirds and why.  Regulations and advice.



  • 55+ News Feeds   ( 0 Articles )

    news 55+News affecting Canadian  retirees.




  • Health News Feeds   ( 13 Articles )

    health.newsWorld-wide News for Retirees regarding medical breakthroughs and new health advice.




  • Gov't News Feeds   ( 0 Articles )

    govt.newsNews from seniors web portals  and government sites  with the latest tax or pension information.



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