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computer.wifi.TVHere is techno-babble covering all technology:  Computers, Website, Wifi, TV,  Satellite,  Internet.  For Training, see Computer Club. In 2011 we plan to establish a new Website/Wifi Club for  our computer savvy Villagers.    

  • Computer Training   ( 7 Articles )

     Apple computer   Meetings of the Computer Club are first Tuesday of every Month, in the AV Room, Heritage Village Clubhouse.

     Here are some helpful articles:


  • Website Legal   ( 2 Articles )

    Website legalWebsite privacy, security and legal issues for visitors and authors.



  • inHERITAGEwifi   ( 0 Articles )

    access card for wifi Our Community wifi network: inHERITAGEwifi.



  • Website News   ( 2 Articles )

    website news News for our website builders & geeks.  Updates on software, courses and guides.



  • Computer Security   ( 2 Articles )

    Security_armourKeeping your computer and data secure.




  • Web Builders   ( 3 Articles )

    build websiteInformation on who is building this website, and who is visiting. Our registered Villagers are also our builders.




  • Website Map   ( 1 Article )

    website map  globeNavigation to web pages.



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