Heritage Village, Vineland, Ontario

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Castles of Niagara

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locality"Locale" means our location in time and space: This section is for newcomers to learn about the Niagara area,  its history and culture:   Where to eat or play and why this place is a great retirement mecca.


  • Niagara Greenbelt   ( 0 Articles )

    fruit in the GreenBeltLiving in the Green Belt means we're always in bloom, as we harvest our retirement years.  So what's "green"?



  • Niagara Location   ( 6 Articles )

    Niagara locationWhere in the world is Niagara ? Are we there yet?



  • Niagara Climate   ( 1 Article )

    climateOur climate: Not too hot, not too cold, in wine& fruit country.



  • Niagara Traffic   ( 0 Articles )

    traffic carHow's the traffic on the QEW? Check out the video cameras. Ho'w the traffic in the Village. 50 km,  eh?



  • Niagara History   ( 6 Articles )

    hour glassTours to the past: Niagara's  native peoples, pioneers, geologic records and prior glory.  Old stuff to see on a day tour, to make us feel young.



  • Niagara Agri-Culture   ( 7 Articles )

    agri-culture flowersWe're surrounded by flowers, fruit trees and viniculture.  Learn the rural culture and industry while you eat and drink the harvest.. 


  • Day Trips   ( 4 Articles )

    day trips Where to go when you are bored.  Afternoon trips by foot ir by car.



  • Niagara Festivals   ( 2 Articles )

    festivalsMeet the diversity of people and their cultural roots. Annual events in Niagara.




  • Where to Dine   ( 2 Articles )

    foodGood food and service nearby.



  • Where to Golf   ( 2 Articles )

    golfWhere to golf in Niagara.



  • Where to see Birds   ( 1 Article )

    birdsWhere to see migratory and native birds? Look up, but close your mouth.

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